Exercise has so many benefits. It can boost your mood and improve your mental health. It can have a positive effect on your circulation, your heart health, your weight, and the rest of your body. It’s a great way to spend your free time, and well worth it.

But, it’s one of the few things that hurt when you are doing it right. After a great workout, your body will ache. The day after, you’ll struggle to sit down, and your body will be sore. If you are pushing yourself hard, you may even feel it while you are working.

That doesn’t mean that all pain is good, however. A few aches are normal, but you shouldn’t be in extreme pain while you exercise, nor should your clothes rub or chaff. Here are some tips to help you to stay comfortable while you exercise.

Invest in a Sport’s Bra

One of the most common exercise injuries for women is back pain, thanks to poor chest support. If you wear a smaller bra size, you might not think that you need to invest in a supportive sports bra specifically for exercise. But, it’s a worthwhile investment, whatever size you are. A good sports bra will prevent injuries, back pain, and keep you comfortable and well supported while you move.

Prioritize Supportive Shoes

If you are going to spend money on one thing for your gym bag, make it shoes. Supportive shoes protect your feet and ankles, keep you cool, and can even help you to run faster. Shoes should be comfortable and offer support to your ankle. If you run a lot, it can be worth getting your stride tested and finding the right pair of shoes for you.

Buy Clothes that You Like

There are plenty of sports clothes on the market, and there’s no real right or wrong. The outfits that you choose will depend on your body, as well as the exercises that you do. They should offer support, compression and keep sweat away from your body, but it’s also important that you like them, and that you feel confident in them. Curves N Combatboots have some fantastic options.

Dress for The Weather

There’s a lot to be said to dressing for the weather and for your location. Leggings and a crop might be perfect for a gym session, but you might not want to tackle an outdoor run like this. Make sure you’ve got something waterproof, sunglasses, and a hat that are all suitable, and dress for the particular day, activity and location instead of just having one outfit for everything.

Stay Hydrated

If there’s an absolute must when it comes to staying comfortable, it isn’t what you wear; it’s your water bottle. Stay hydrated by sipping water, and you’ll be more comfortable while you work out, and your body will recover faster afterward.

Expect Your Body to Change

The leggings and sports bra that fit you well today, won’t always. Our bodies change over time, and even more so when we work out, or try new routines. If things start to get a little tight, or you don’t have the support that you need, consider buying new gear.

Staying comfortable will help you to work harder. If you feel good, you are more likely to push yourself harder, to enjoy yourself, and to stick with it.