I typically fall asleep by 7 p.m. most nights because I rise at 2:30 a.m. to get in some writing and promos. Well, on December 7, the Rainbow Book Awards began announcing award winners and runner ups just as I planned to log off and try to get some shut eye.

Ever so serious about my sleep, I logged off and attempted said shut eye. I eventually dozed off after some tossing and turning, then woke at one o’clock in the morning to, well… tinkle. I made the mistake of glancing at my phone alerts. With blurry vision, I squinted and saw that Elise from the Rainbow Book Awards had mentioned me in a comment. My heart skipped.

Fiction Books - Sandcastles

Suzie Carr Rainbow Book Awards

2015 Rainbow Book Award Runner-Up for Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction
2015 Rainbow Book Award Runner-Up for Best Lesbian Book

I was so humbled to learn that Sandcastles is a Runner Up in the 2015 Rainbow Awards for Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction and also for Best Lesbian Book. I’m in the company of extremely talented writers, and am incredibly honored!

About Sandcastles:

Lia is smart, successful, and best friends with Dean, a gay man who is just as neurotic as she. Life is smooth and flowing, unmarked by much more than a little family jealousy here and there, until she runs into Willow, an exciting enigma from her past.

Willow, a psychic, receives a sense that something is off kilter surrounding Lia. Should she tell her, even though Lia, the person she’s never been able to stop thinking about since childhood, might run the other way? It’s a risk she decides to take, and Lia’s curiosity surprises her.

As truths about life, love and uncertainties are unearthed, Lia and Willow, two women in love with each other, along with their friend Dean, learn to seek strength from unexpected places and people. Along their journeys, the three learn what a struggle it is to maintain their sandcastles as they embrace the parts of their lives that really matter.