Inner Peace. In these times of crazy schedules, we need it more than ever. 

She eased into the peace, enjoying the buzz and letting nothing else tamper with the moment. For the first time in a very long two years, she stepped into a new arena, one filled with lovable creatures, as gentle as puppies, and at her feet, purple, pink and red flowers growing in tandem with the wild grasses. – The Dance

Speaking of peace

I’ve blogged recently about the importance of setting priorities and finding purpose in life. One element of these that I think is important for me to point out, however, is that it will do no good to pursue purpose and goals if, on the way there, we burn ourselves out.

The process of fulfilling a dream requires a lot of stamina. Nothing can be left up to luck, which means, we must persist if we want to experience the thrill of achievement. The question I have for you is, what is the cost factor in achieving purpose and goals? Is it worth it? And if so, what are your strategies to make sure you’re balanced and focused on your inner peace as you make progress?

We need inner peace

Being alive is not a given. We know this. Yet, we tend to play with the odds more than we should. On pursuit of bigger and better we often tend to neglect the very thing we will need to help us push through, and that’s our health – a direct byproduct of inner peace. We can’t afford to take our inner peace, our health, and ultimately our life for granted.

Protect inner peace

One of the greatest things we can do for our health is to protect our mind. This requires a finger on the pulse to our inner peace. If we spend our life chasing dreams without a break to rejuvenate, we run the risk of never getting to our destination. We are not a machine. We require regular check-ins to keep ourselves balanced and at our finest. A body can deal with abuse for a while, but not for the long-term.

Part of our success plan should involve creating a game plan for inner peace. Be proactive with this, so when the opportunities start coming your way, you’re prepared to thrive. Inner peace isn’t something you can toss aside and focus on when, and only when, free time happens to leak into your busy pursuit.

I’m here to tell you that free time, unless it’s scheduled, is not ever going to come knocking on our door. You must carve it out and focus on developing a state of being that is productive and nurturing. 

Your body needs rest. It needs time to reflect and absorb the shock of hard work. It needs time to readjust itself and realign with positive energy. Without inner peace, you’re opening up yourself to disease, burnout, depression, anxiety, and all sorts of debilitating factors that will force you off the track to your dreams.

The Benefits of Inner Peace:

  • Helps keep things in perspective
  • We enjoy a deeper understanding of ourselves and others
  • Helps us discover our purpose
  • Increases the synchronicity in our life
  • Resolves phobias & fears
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves relationships
  • Helps our minds to age at slower rate
  • We’re able to react more quickly and more effectively to stressful events
  • It harmonizes our endocrine system
  • It relaxes our nervous system
  • We enjoy enhanced energy, strength and vigor

Strategies to Obtaining Inner Peace

Accept what is happening

Life will toss you twists and turns. We have no choice but to deal with them. What we resist, persists. So, embrace these curve balls as they come, and work through them.

Surround yourself with people of good character

If you want to be lifted into greatness, associate with people who are doing great things. We are who we hang with, so choose your circle of influencers carefully. They can bring you up or down.

Pause and breathe

Take five minutes every hour and breathe. You will refresh yourself, and slow down just long enough to feel alive and enjoy the moment.

Spend time in nature 

Water, trees, flowers, sand, and the sky all vibrate at an energy level that is healthy and full of promise and rebirth. Take a walk and enjoy the vibes!


A smile is contagious. If you smile, others will too. This reciprocity ignites that good feel with all involved and places us on a path that is empowering.

Get rid of toxic stress

Toss it! Avoid toxic stress at all costs. Disengage from gossip and from those who discredit others with their judgments.

Keep learning

When we engage in active learning, time seems to stop. Our brains rewire and get excited, tuning us into a wavelength that helps us to grow and experience life on totally new levels.

Care about others

When we make it about others, we come alive. When this happens, we are fully present and charged.

Make healthy choices

This should go without saying, yet most put this on the bottom of their priority list. To be effective, we must be healthy and vibrant.

The refreshing kiss of the sun’s rays on the skin helps to clear the stress and frees the mind. When we’re in the company of sunshine, we are connected to a palpable energy that engages us. This energy sprinkles us in a gingerly rejuvenation. We wake from our once tired efforts with renewed peace, alert now to the soft nudges of life’s constant reminder to take rest and breathe in the sweet air that wafts around us in vibrant swirls. In the quiet folds of this newly found inner peace sanctuary, we align with the present and equip ourselves with the power to passionately reengage with our purpose.