So you want to increase productivity? It’s difficult to get the brain in proper mode with all the gears cranking. But you need to to get work done. To bow down to the excuse of something being too difficult only self-sabotages. 

Meant to thrive

Listen, the truth is that life is going to toss some tough obstacles in the way from time to time, and these serve to remind that we have lessons to learn and important things to do. We’re put on this Earth not to just merely survive. We are here to thrive. We are meant for greatness.

That being said, to achieve any amount of this greatness, we must push forward and stay focused. We can’t rely on luck to lift us to our potentials. We must dig deep and find our grit, that power inside that burns thick and hot, fueling our desires and allowing for wins when all that’s surrounding us are temptations aimed to keep us down.

SIDE NOTE: You just have to be careful not to go overboard and ruin your balance like my character, Sarah, did before she met the curious and sexy, Jolene, in Beneath Everything.

To be productive takes focus

If you’ve got a dream to get to the next level, or to pursue that passion, or to get off the current path and onto one that shines with the promise of a brighter future, then you must stay focused and determined.

In this technological age of smartphones and interesting gadgets, it’s easy to get lost and find ourselves stuck in the muck of the worn out rat race where dreams and passions go to die. It takes a conscientious effort to stay the course and get things done. This effort must be fiercely sharp and unwavering.

If this intimidates you, it should. If it didn’t, life could wind up being a ginormous bore.

The one critical element to be more productive on your pursuit of greatness in any endeavor is a burning desire, and the catalyst to that desire is escaping the trap of complacency. The more comfortable we feel, the more apt we are to stay exactly where we are in life. I don’t know about you, but the thought of that terrifies me because this would mean I’ve stopped growing.

We’re meant to grow. We’re meant to water the garden of our intellect and talent and watch it emerge from the depths of impossibility to the heights of opportunity. This takes nurturing, patience, and a strong desire to take what is given to us and turn it into something grand. We must shake up the ground with all its deeply rooted gridlocks, making room for new pathways defined not by old standard, but the promise of what can transform stagnation to fertility. With proper care, the shoots of new roots will pop through the limitations previously set and extend its richness to all who are lucky enough to witness its birth. In each of us is greatness this beautiful. All we must do to bring it into life is offer a little tender-loving care towards ourselves and all those who journey with us.

If you desire to live your greatest life, then you must be willing to change and tweak, constantly refining your process as you learn better ways of doing things. To get to this state of mind, you must be focused and willing.

be more productive-2This brings me to another point… I used to stretch myself too thin, so much that I ended up with a few health issues that ultimately knocked some sense back into me (but not before damaging some fruitful roads).

Being productive to me means being healthy at the end of any given day. Too many times we burn that candle on both ends only to find ourselves unable to lift our head off the pillow, never mind accomplish anything meaningful in our lives.

Here’s the deal

As human beings we have a great capacity to emerge as success stories, and this capacity grows the more thoughtful we are in our actions.

Most reading this could likely fill a notebook with things they need to do on any given day. We’ve got meals to plan, plants to water, dependents to care for, dust to swipe away, bills to pay, calls to make, email to check, Facebook statuses to write, etc. Now imagine if you want to advance in your career, start a relationship, or open a business? How do you get it all done and protect yourself from shutdown?

Let’s face it, when the flame heats up, a natural response is often procrastination. It’s easier to put things aside and deal later.

There’s a better way!

Now more than ever before, we need to find ways to organize so we can get things done productively and effectively. This can mean the difference between living a mediocre life or a more deserving one of joy and fulfillment.