We all want to feel great. We want to embrace the day and not dodge it. Let’s face it, life is meant to be enjoyed, not just survived.

I’m going to be honest, I had a bit of a revelation today. Bumblebee and I were out and about on our trek through the neighborhood, and this is always a great time for me to do some thinking. Well, today’s thought rested on the idea of feeling great. I’ve written about this subject in many other posts, but I thought of something that I think is important to discuss.

Throughout my life, I’ve always set these intentions that seem to always begin with ‘one day I’m going to (fill in the blank), and when I accomplish or experience this, I will feel great.

Feel great now

Here’s the thing that I discovered as I watched Bumblebee take her time sniffing a tree: To feel great should happen independently of any outside factor, and it should be available right now, not after something has occurred.

Here’s why

If the only way we can feel great is by achieving or experiencing something that is not here and now or not within our control, then, hell, we’ll never feel great! That seems like a backwards way to live.

How to feel great instantly

So this leads me to make this statement about feeling great: If we set a realistic way of accessing good vibes, we’re more apt to experience them. Instead of making the bold declaration: one day I’m going to (fill in the blank) and then and only then will I feel great, why not reword to something more along the lines of: right now, in this very moment, I’m going to (fill in the blanks) and I will feel great.

The important factor in this new statement is what we say in the (fill in the blank) area. It’s important because how we define this action, and the perimeters we give it, will determine our ability to access joy instantly.

So, as Bumblebee and I continued walking, I began to brainstorm ways to fill in that blank that would allow me the opportunity to instantly access good vibes. Here’s what I came up with: Right now, in this very moment, I’m going to (take a deep breath | giggle over something funny Bumblebee did | think about my significant other’s love for me | sing my favorite song | whistle a tune | step out into nature | etc.), and feel great.

I’m going to feel great instantly because at any moment I can do one of these actions, and these actions always make me feel good.

You see, when we focus on something we love, something we can access at any moment of the day because it’s within us and not outside of our control, we’re setting ourselves up in a really good way.

In an instant, this anchor we’ve created to something that makes us feel great, can pull us away from any negative state of mind and center us right smack dab in the middle of that place where our hearts feel whole and happy.

What a shift, right?

Do you see how this state change allows us to achieve happiness whenever we will it into being?

What makes you feel great?

Think of something that brings you ultimate joy, something you can access immediately at most any moment of your day. Maybe it’s fresh air, a pet, learning something new, love, or quite simply your breath. Put yourself in that moment and really feel the joy. Allow it to take over your heart. Anchor yourself to the moment. Now every time you need a lift in spirit, stop what you are doing and embrace this anchor. Some people find it helpful to shake their heads, roll their shoulders or stretch their neck to snap out of the current mindset to prepare to enter the shifting positive present moment.


We carry within us the power to light up darkness. We only need to remember that we are connected on every level imaginable to the greatness of all that exists inside and outside ourselves. In this connectivity resides an energy that vibrates dynamically, sharing its life and breath with every single element of this universe. Recharging our spirit is only a touch, taste, smell, or sight away. The birds chirp, the flowers bloom, the rivers flow, the waterfalls spray, the butterflies emerge, and the bees buzz all because this underlying force, with its mightiness, takes us by the heart and spins us into its lively cocktail, welcoming us as one into its nurturing embrace. One only has to reach out and sense the gift of its presence to recharge. To be revitalized and coated in the protective glaze of happiness, look around and take pleasure in the delicate simplicities sprinkled all around.  

Do you have other ways to tap into that state of mind where you feel great?