Receiving a book review from a reader is a true gift. Speaking from experience, nothing makes a writer happier than reading an honest review that either puts a huge smile on her face or helps her to learn something new that she can work on in future books. 

When you leave an honest book review, everyone benefits.

Reviews help writers to grow and learn. 

When a writer is in learning mode, she is bound to create magic. By providing feedback, you’re helping to keep that creative furnace stoked with fuel she can use.


Reviews can help authors attract new readers. 

Writers can use your honest book reviews to reach new audiences. They can post reviews to their social media networks and gain new readers by them.


Reviews can help writers connect to their readers on even deeper levels. 

When writers know what readers want, they can deliver. Leaving book reviews can communicate these wants to your favorite writers. By connecting to the wants and desires of readers, a writer can bloom and expand her literary voice with confidence.


Reviews help sell books. 

Writers spend countless hours writing their books, and one of the best feelings is when those books sell. Knowing their sacrifices have paid off and that people are actually reading their work is one of the most uplifting emotions a writer can experience.


Reviews can lift writers’ spirits. 

Who doesn’t love to make someone feel all warm and fuzzy? If a great review is deserved, go for it! Nothing gives writers greater pleasure than when people genuinely rave about their book.

Your Book Review Matters!

All of this being said, a book review is a great way to help out your favorite authors. Your opinion matters. A lot!

The most important part of writing a review is making it honest. Share the good and the bad, and how you truly felt about the book. Honest reviews are believable to readers, and digestible if presented in a polite and respectful manner.

A review doesn’t have to be long or polished. Simply just say what you think and feel about the book, then rate it.