Hey friends,

After putting a poll out on Facebook and Twitter, our community of readers has helped select the book cover for Uprooting, due out in March 2020. I love the cover. It symbolizes everything this story is about. It accurately depicts how Harper learns to root herself in the present moment and turn to the gentleness of nature to get past her limitations and grow to her full potential as an artist, lover, and friend. This story highlights her process to learn to forgive herself and learn that life is full of opportunities to learn and grow.

Here were some of the comments from those who choose this cover design:

“The vastness of the field/flowers makes it seem like she has her whole life ahead of her.” Emily Browning Cromer

“The field of yellow snapdragons brings a sense of peace. The color yellow represents so many things from Sunshine to happiness and loyalty. The fragrance of those flowers planted in mass brings back childhood memories. I think the pollinators would love this field!” Tammy Boughter

“I love the one with the flowers… it gives the illusion of a dream world, to me.” Natalie Wetherbee

“When I think of wellness, retreat, life coach and green witch I think of serenity and nature so definitely this one.” Cheryll Jones

“Flowers represent a world of issues that can try to define us. With all the beauty around oneself, our vision can still be blurred.” Author L L Shelton

What do you think of the cover above?