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Hello! I’m Suzie Carr and here’s why I love fiction books…

The written word, when weaved together in a subtle and provocative dance, can grab a hold of a heart and leave one breathless. Great fiction books, in my opinion, are those that offer the tease for something remarkable with each flip of the page. Small gestures, often times, give birth to such a tease, be it that first accidental brushing up against another or the tiniest whisper of intrigue crafted out of a thoughtful glance.

When a writer can take a reader to that desirable spot where a heart flutters and yearns for more, she’s captured the art of writing. That capture is my ultimate desire, and the very reason I rise at 2:30 a.m. and stumble, bleary-eyed, to my computer to study and practice the art of writing fiction books.


Fiction Books - Sandcastles



Routine: Why We Need It

When I was a kid, changing into my comfy pajamas signaled that moment of the day to transition into a restful night.


Peaks and Valleys: How to Deal with Them

There is not a single person on this planet who hasn’t suffered a setback, disappointment, or hardship in some capacity.

Be more productive-1

Be More Productive

In this technological age of smartphones and interesting gadgets, it’s easy to get lost and find ourselves stuck in the muck of the worn out rat race where dreams and passions go to die. It takes a conscientious effort to stay the course and get things done. This effort must be fiercely sharp and unwavering.


Stay Cool Under Pressure – 5 Ways

Stay Cool Under Pressure – I need to learn how! I’ve recently been challenged with a situation that is keeping me on my toes. If you’ve ever had to administer eye drops to a dog, you may understand my pain.

letting go

Letting Go

Letting go of ideas that no longer serve can help move a person out of a funk, be it a literary, personal, or work-related one. I know this because I just experienced one of the coolest shifts in creativity by dropping my stubborn independence and embracing the art of letting go.

taking the high road

Taking the High Road

Taking the high road is about creating a foundation for ourselves that is strong and flexible, and one that allows us to connect with a deeper part of ourselves.


Benefits of Change

Change can be a scary thing in life. It most certainly means things are not going to stay comfortable, and we will likely be knocked out of that pocket of predictability we enjoy.