The Pet Boutique

the pet boutique

About The Pet Boutique

For anyone who understands the incredible bond we share with dogs, The Pet Boutique will resonate. I lost my beloved Bumblebee in July 2018 right while I was beginning to write a different story. Well, as a way to heal and keep her dear in my heart while writing this book, I placed her in The Pet Boutique in all her spirited glory as Cashmere. I took all the wonderful memories I have of her, including all of her silly antics and placed them in this story. Now, I’ll always be able to come back to it and fondly remember her as the lovely furbaby she was.

If you knew Bumblebee from all her Instagram and Facebook photos and funny outtakes, or if you just want to get to know her a bit better before reading this story, check out her tribute video.

Editorial Review

A beautiful book that brought tears to my eyes and emotions that filled my heart!!!! It’s the most beautiful story!! I think every one who reads this book can take a little piece of it .. grow and learn from the messages within it! It has compassionate and relatable characters!!! It’s light, free flowing, and it captures your attention until you’ve finished and the story remains with you that you immediately want to start the book all over because you’re not ready to let go of the feelings you felt while reading… the connection to characters and the sense of losing your friends and you’re not ready to tell them goodbye yet!!! I definitely recommend this book! For everyone who is going through something this book helps you to have hope that things work out and the courage and strength to get through it!!! – BookLover


From the moment Lexie Tanner meets Taylor Henshaw in the dilapidated space that will one day become her aunt’s pet boutique, she knows she’s got her work cut out for her. Taylor self-identifies as a complicated woman, and there’s nothing Lexie enjoys more than a good fixer upper. But Taylor’s complications run deep, and way into her past. Surrounded by an eccentric and spirited group of family and friends, including a spunky and lovable dog named Cashmere, the two women navigate a series of obstacles that have them questioning their choices. As their journey unfolds, neither women is prepared for what happens when they start to break down the old and discover the new.