The Fiche Room

About the Fiche Room

This was my first novel, and it is by far my most favorite. Through writing The Fiche Room, I discovered so much about life and love from the characters. The response from readers has been overwhelmingly supportive! I’ve had many tell me the book has changed their life, has helped them come out to their family and friends, and has helped them be more true to who they are meant to be in this wonderful life. This feedback has fueled my passion, and has been the catalyst to many additional love stories I’ve written since.

My goal when I set out to write The Fiche Room was to create a story that could resonate with anyone struggling to live life in the truest sense. It is meant to be a sweet love story. I decided early on that with this one, I would focus on the buildup of love and the beauty of the first kiss, the first tremble, the first instinct of love. This book is about tender love between two women, and I hope you will come to discover this for yourself. 

Editorial Review of The Fiche Room

“I’m not one to write reviews, but ahhh, I loved Haley and Emma! I didn’t want the book to end. I found myself reading at red lights, curious to find out what would happen next. 🙂 I feel like I know the characters, the story was wonderfully bittersweet.” – Amazon Review

“The book was excellent, and I could not put it down. If you can hold my attention, you are a success. Congratulations Suzie, on a truly outstanding novel.” – Amazon review


Emma is about to wed her college sweetheart, a bright, well respected guy who is slated to become president of her father’s company. All the plans are in motion. Her life is set. Until Haley crashes into her life. Haley is refreshing, vivacious and turns Emma’s world upside-down. With Haley, Emma finds her true self –a sexy, confident woman who doesn’t want to give up the sweet taste of true attraction and love. But does she have the courage to hurt and disappoint all those around her?