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Going with a full 5-stars on this one. I read this book quickly and really enjoyed it. It was refreshingly not written in the cookie cutter “romance wins in the end” style. Sometimes life isn’t so easy, and this captures that. Suzie’s writing style indulges the senses. Fun and satisfying read. I will certainly move on to more by this author. – Crystal

I am a musician and found the story accurate and related to the personal angst of being driven toward success and the pitfalls of (even minor) fame. Grab this one if you want some easy reading with characters you will love and also want to smack upside the head. Good job, great read! – Stacey

I adore this book. Suzie Carr’s writing is a delight, with enough surprises to keep a reader engrossed to the utmost. Albeit a title that seems to lead one to think of fruit, the book is ripe with delightful scenes. – George

An intense ride through love lost, fame and the dark rabbit hole it can take those who are unprepared down into its depths. In this book Suzie Carr does what Suzie Carr does best, grabbing the reader and captivating them with a story that feels so real you begin to feel the emotions. – Kindle Reader

The fun, flirty and energetic tone of “Tangerine Twist” by Suzie Carr make it a perfect book for vacation get-away time! But don’t let that carefree style fool you – Suzie Carr is a talented author, crafting her work carefully and dealing with real-life issues with sensitivity, humor and compassion. And the whole time, she makes it look oh-so-easy and natural. That’s why “Tangerine Twist” is such a joy to read – you might not think you’d be into a girl/girl love story, but Suzie takes you to the place that really makes romance tick…the heart. Nice job! – Regina


Becca James wants to make it big. And she will, as soon as the idea of performing doesn’t scare the voice out of her. Until then she orchestrates another life…predictable, responsible, and dull. Then Kara walks on stage, a flirty goddess with long, wavy hair and sultry caramel-flecked eyes that drip with sex appeal. Inhibitions and commitments fall like shattered glass, as the duo form a musical sensation. Becca is big! But can self indulgence substitute for self respect? Can a wild ride stop at happiness? In this fast paced, sexy novel, finding out what really matters in life doesn’t always mean you get it. Or does it?