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About a New Leash on Life

Feel good story on love, compassion and a lot of commitment to shelter animals. Filled with characters going full circle in life, from childhood mistakes to learning to grow from those mistakes as adults, and building touching relationships from it all, with family, friends, and true loves. As reader’s, we are never disappointed by this Author. – Review for You, Amazon

I have a special place in my heart for all animals and no kill shelters and this book really hit home with that. And for me this book shows that love is love. And it can happen to anyone at any time in their life. – Angelique

There is a passage in your book that I found perfectly answers the question my friends and family continue to ask me. When something happens to me in life which leaves me hurting or broken they have a hard time understanding how I can see pass the wrong and the pain; and love the person or forgive (in time) the action or words that hurt me… Well here is a great way to answer that ….

“Time knew no boundaries. Love knew no boundaries. Disease knew not what love could do to it. According to Melanie, love could heal souls, bodies, broken hearts and severed relationships. With love as the guide, anything was possible. The firestorms that once rained down on earth could not constrict the power in love. No force rivaled its great power. Love knew nothing about distance, about years, about lies, about pain, about sadness. Love only knew how to connect, how to lift, how to thrive. In love there was no void, no lag, no wrinkles, no fat, no disease that could outshine it.”
 – Sue Collins

I bought this book looking for a nice lesbian romance that would fill the holidays and I was very surprised with how the story developed into a great romance with all the ingredients needed. The fact that it is portrayed in an atmosphere of loving and caring for animals takes it to a higher level because not only are you following the main character’s life but also get to feel affection for all those shelter animals.  – Roxbcn


When a hurricane blows through town and threatens the future of Olivia Clark’s animal shelter, she publicizes her desperate plea for help to the masses. Aid comes from a surprising source: Chloe Homestead, Olivia’s ex-girlfriend from thirteen years ago and the only girl Olivia has ever loved. Chloe, a self-made millionaire, offers to finance and manage the shelter’s repairs and operations, a gesture Olivia is in no position to refuse. Working intimately together to provide loving care to homeless animals, Olivia struggles to keep her composure in Chloe’s fun and flirty presence. As Olivia’s walls start to crumble, the past catches up to them. Chloe has a dark secret, a secret that she’s been carrying around for thirteen years.

Will Chloe’s secret threaten the future of the shelter and the relationship she has worked so hard to restore?



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