Suzie Carr in the Media

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Seize the Day Podcast

Suzie talks candidly about the adversity she has experienced in her life, the insights she has gained through those experiences and how she managed to turn a negative situation to a positive one.  It’s truly inspiring and very admirable.  Suzie talks about her passion for writing and shares which of her books are her favorite.  She also talks about GCLS and why it’s a great conference to attend.

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The Lesbian Review Podcast

In this interview, Suzie talks about her three favorite lesfic books, her novel, The Curvy Side of Life and her upcoming novel, The Pet Boutique.


Life’s Curves and How to Handle Them 

Suzie Carr on The Energy Bar with Dr. Faye

Interview with My Lesbian Radio

I sat down with Clare Lydon to talk about writing, life and and future projects.

suzie carr on girls hour

The Girls Hour had me on their show recently.

We chatted about life, emotions, getting uncomfortable, and finding purpose.  And of course we had plenty of giggles!!!

Frederick Bye Show

Frederick Bye – Creative Magic Unchained Podcast

Suzie spoke with creative host Frederick Bye about The Dance and Inspiration

Suzie Carr on The Write Stuff

Suzie Carr chats about how she does social media marketing. She gives us 7 fantastic marketing tips and breaks down what SEO is and how authors can use it.

suzie carr on girls hour

The Girls Interview Author Suzie Carr

Suzie gets a little emotional in this interview as she discusses her life and writing.


The Naked Talk with Alex Okoroji
Overcoming Negative Curves With Prolific American Novelist – Suzie Carr

The Girls Hour

The Girls Hour interview with Suzie Carr, author of Sandcastles

e-books India

A Conversation with Novelist, Suzie Carr

Suzie Carr Interview

Another Saturday Night Poet 2015 Interview. Suzie Carr sat down with Ocean C Poet to talk about her writing and life.

Suzie Carr in Options Magazine

“Suzie Carr, a master of interior dialogue, infuses her books with kindness for all of her characters.” Review by Options Magazine


She Magazine reviews Sandcastles in their March 2015 issue, page 26.

Planet London

Suzie Carr sat down with Planet London to discuss her writing and life!

Curve Magazine

Suzie Carr catches up with Curve Magazine in this one-on-one interview about life and writing. 


Suzie Carr’s interview with Amit Verma of ModernLifeTimes.

Suzie talks about her writing life, offers tips for new writers, and shares her future plans.


Suzie Carr talks with The Examiner about her book, A New Leash on Life, her inspiration to write the story, and advice for new writers.

Cover the Muse

Brandon Shire interviews Suzie, asking her about her novel, The Muse.


Profile article in Howard Magazine.

Suzie Carr Awards and Recognition


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