Lesbian Romance Stories


What Makes a Page-Turner in Lesbian Romance Stories?

To get readers turning pages, lesbian romance stories need to be riveting, spellbinding, and magical. A reader needs to feel the hot breath on her own skin as she reads and experiences the passion felt between characters who are so believable that they could be living and breathing and occupying the same space as them.

When I write lesbian romance stories I do so through the lens of someone infatuated with the feeling of that first kiss that ultimately leads to that sweet spot of love. Take The Pet Boutique, for instance. This love story pulled at my heart when the characters began to find themselves in each other. And toss a cute, furry sidekick into the story, like the character Cashmere, and bam, I’m all in!

Many might argue that tantalizing scenes in lesbian romance novels are the erotic ones when the two females finally consummate their passion for each other in a seductive, steamy sex scene. I would argue that the most tantalizing of scenes are the ones that whisper the promise of sultry things to come. For example, the curling up of the eyes, the slight tilting of the head, the tease of a wink, and the subtle, but marked, head-to-toe scan that alerts the reader that something wild and wonderful is in store if she keeps reading.

My Favorite Teases in Lesbian Romance Stories

My favorite tease when reading lesbian romance is that first kiss. To me, I wait with my beating heart for that quintessential moment when the strong female lead takes matters into her own hands, braving all for a moment of tantalizing oneness with the woman of her dreams and leans in for that first sensual kiss. Those first few seconds of a kiss are the sexiest because they open us up to that euphoric jolt. We get an up-close and personal glimpse into the emotions of our point of view character as she touches her lover’s soft, dewy lips. The dance that ensues, if written correctly, can grab a hold of our hearts and leave us just as breathless and in love as if our lips were experiencing the warmth and sweetness of another’s lips on ours.

My second favorite tease that makes for great lesbian romance stories  is in the smallest of gestures; that first accidental brushing of soft skin to soft skin. There is something so sexy and mind-blowing about the rush of tingles that spark into full out ecstasy when the tiniest whisper of contact is made with someone we are attracted to. When a writer can take us there to that desirable spot where our hearts flutter and our bodies tingle, then she’s done an exceptional job in setting the stage for a fun euphoric journey perfect for lesbian romance stories.


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