The Journey Somewhere

About The Journey Somewhere

The Journey Somewhere by Suzie Carr is a very well written and truly wonderful sequel to “Tangerine Twist”.  – Curve Magazine

Editorial Reviews: 

Suzie’s description of the experience of the adversity levels are so touching. It made me think of the adversity in my own life. – Loek

She has captured all of my fears and insecurities in one chapter and in a way tried to show me an inner strength to overcome those fears. I know that I will never speak to her but in a way, I feel that we have. She knows my journey and though the art of words has shown me a possible path to the future. – Cassie Davis

Suzie shows us that not everyone can “see” the way things are supposed to be in our lives. Sometimes you have to take a long and some time aggravating road to find the one true thing that we all want; and that one thing is HAPPINESS. – Lorri

The emotions and scenes leap out of the pages in into your heart. For those of us who found true love and lost it, had dreams that we you have let go of this story will speak to you in a very special way. Thanks Suzie for another wonderful book! – Amazon Reviewer

Fantastic sequel to Tangerine Twist, and very inspirational read for anyone who is struggling with letting a dream live or die. This is definitely another Suzie Carr masterpiece! – Kindle Reader


Sequel to Tangerine TwistWant-to-be photographer, Kelly Copeland, thinks she has it all – a loyal fiancée, a cute condo, and a lovable dog. Her life is stable and easy. But, then her ex-girlfriend, the famous folk musician, Becca James, pops back into her life. She offers Kelly an opportunity of a lifetime, photographing her documentary tour. Everything is about to change now. Embracing this opportunity takes Kelly on a journey somewhere far away from anything that resembles stable and easy.