Free Writing Course 

Free Writing Course – Suzie Carr’s Writer’s Insights Video Series!

The free writing course series by Suzie Carr consists of twenty short videos that will hopefully inspire you and help you on your writing journey.

These videos will address some frequently asked questions most aspiring writers have, as well as some questions that you may not be thinking of, but that are critical to understanding to be successful in this competitive industry.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Create a Unique Book Title
  • How to Hook a Reader
  • How to Create a Strong Plot
  • How to Deal with Rejection
  • How to Write Believable Dialogue
  • How to Plot Your Scenes
  • Why Every Writer Needs an Editor
  • How to Find an Editor
  • How to Get Creative Juices Flowing
  • How to Find Time to Write
  • How to Create Memorable Characters
  • Why You Need a Mission Statement
  • How to Keep up Writing Momentum
  • How to Select a POV in Storytelling
  • How to Self Edit
  • How to Create Effective Settings
  • How to Write a Book Synopsis
  • What are Your Publishing Options
  • How to Market Your Book
  • How to Create Story Conflict

By signing up for my Writer’s Insights video series you will receive links to each of my 20 videos throughout the coming month.

Signing up is easy.  Simply provide your name and email address and you’ll receive a confirmation email to confirm your FREE subscription to the series.

I wish you great success in your writing journey and hope to have the opportunity to interact with you along the way.

Suzie Carr


P.S. If you are looking for more in-depth writing and marketing tips, check out my helpful resource book Writer’s Insights.