Top Things to Love

When I think of my top things to love, I could go on for a long time. When love exists, even a gray, rainy day can feel like the most blissful gift in the world.

Secret - 10 Day You Challenge

Today is day nine of my ten day “you” challenge…and guess what’s on topic?

Yup, Love.


Here are my top 9 loves:

1. I love my family.
2. Walking my dogs in the still of the morning.
3. Writing.
4. I love to listen to birds chirping. It’s the sweetest sound at 3 am.
5. The smell of the ocean.
6. Working out. To do Insanity and Turbofire at 4 am, I have to love exercise.
7. I love singing “I’m Yours” and “Alleluia” when I’m cooking.
8. Of course anyone who has read my books knows how much I love sangria!
9. The movies The Shawshank Redemption and Good Will Hunting are my favorites, and the only two I can watch over and over again.

Let’s hear your top 9 loves.

Feel free to post here or start your own ten day ‘you’ challenge on your blog and share your blog in the comments.


PS 10 secrets

Wishing you the very best,
Suzie Carr

Above all else, love.

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  1. Tami
    Tami says:

    Birds chirping at 3am…Insanity and Turbofire at 4am!!!! Suz…allow me to introduce you to my good friend, Sleep…when you pair him with those hours that you mentioned, there’s a good chance you will fall in love. 😀

  2. Denise Moor
    Denise Moor says:

    Ha ha….still laughing at Tami’s comment! Sleep would definitely be one of my 9 loves along with ocean, dolphins, horses, birds at 6 a.m. ;), watching babies of any kind, mexican food…esp. bean tostadoes, road trips and hot tubs 🙂

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Thanks for chiming in Denise! yeah… I am giggling about the sleep comment too! hehe I’m right there with you on the ocean, dolphins, birds and hot tubs!

  3. Lara
    Lara says:

    1 like you, I love my family
    2 I love my close friends
    3 I love watching the sunrise in the morning. And of course the sunsets.
    4 I love my long walks in the countryside.
    5 I love books
    6 I love the sounds of a small brook babbling
    7 I love to cook
    8 I love to take photographs
    9 I love myself

  4. Denise Morrow
    Denise Morrow says:

    9 Loves…
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Witnessing acts of love/ kindness
    4. My dog
    5. The sound of a baby laughing
    6. The feel of the sand between my toes
    7. Traveling
    8. Reading
    9. Life


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