The Magic Formula: Freedom and Love

Freedom and Love go hand in hand.

When we allow those we love to take up flight without limits, we are setting the backdrop for peace, for fulfillment, for our happiest days. To love someone is to become a part of the success, a part of the joy, a part of the magic. When two people are in love and offer freedom to grow, to soar, to live honestly, that love knows no boundaries and will harness the power to outshine anything that threatens to dampen it.

freedom and loveFreedom and Love Offers the Space to Soar

For a bird to fly, we can’t clip her wings or limit her takeoff, or decrease her flight space. The same is true in our relationships. We can’t expect our partner to stay grounded or fly only in our air space if we want him/her to truly live the best life and be fulfilled in our love. We all crave to feel the wind beneath our proverbial wings. None of us would be happy if that wind disappeared and was replaced by someone’s stale, confining presence. Love is not being afraid to let go and enjoy the spectacular rush of watching your partner soar to new heights. By offering freedom and love, partners will always tend to circle back for more of each other’s breath.

Freedom and Love Focuses on Inclusion

To love someone is to crave to be a part of his/her life. Through the journey of love’s stages, we discover parts of this person we adore and parts that scare us – scare us perhaps because we see growth and interests that threaten our future together. Instead of fearing our partner’s goals, dreams and desires and directing away from them, direct towards them. Become a part of the dream, the accomplishments by offering freedom and love and support instead of trying to change the very thing that makes our partner so special.

Freedom and Love Operates on the Goal of Being Happy

In love, partners should feel safe, happy, and fulfilled. For this to occur, we need to understand what makes our partners who they are. We all have needs that, when fulfilled, keep us smiling and at our best. For some, they enjoy time with friends, time exercising, time painting, time writing, or time walking alone in nature. When we know what makes our partner’s heart beat at just the right pace, keep it going. A happy partner is more apt to love with even more passion, more understanding, and more breadth.

Wishing you the best,

Suzie Carr, Novelist

P.S. Let’s keep the conversation going on this topic… Do you feel freedom and love is a realistic concept or not?

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  1. Deone Higgs
    Deone Higgs says:

    I totally relate and agree with this message, Suzie! I am blessed to have been with the cherished one of my life for quite some time now. Next month will be six years for us. It is the longest of “this kind of relationship” for me. And when I say “this kind of relationship,” I only mean being open to love him, and openly accepting love from him, in return. With no shame or guilt.

    Yes, I do think that freedom and love are realistic concepts. Without freedom, love does not exist. The idea of it probably does, but idea’s can undergo change, or require some kind of modification to fit its specifications and/or requirements.

    True love begins with acceptance of another with no expectation of any change happening. It says, “I offer the gift of my love to another without any expectations of them altering anything that I have declared to have loved.” Wherever acceptance is present, freedom is hot on its trail. In any place that love is liberty abides, as well.

  2. Dianne
    Dianne says:

    Love this. Have been with my spouse for over 18 years now, and it’s the most positive, supportive relationship I’ve ever been in. Couldn’t ask for more!

  3. Monica
    Monica says:

    Although it may be a struggle for some, freedom and love is the most idealistic concept there is. It is real, some show us this every day. Although it takes hard work and dedication, when achieved it is blissful. Once you accept someone for their true self, not the way you think they could be with a little work, which I have been guilty of a time or two 🙂 you learn, only through time, that these flaws are what make you human… what make every person beautiful in his/her own way. I try to apply this concept to those who are closet to me. Whether it be my partner, a family member or even just a friend. It is amazing the happiness that can be found when you accept and love people for who they truly are. Thanks for sharing Suzie! It brought a smile to my face and made a stressful day at work a little easier! 🙂

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Hi Monica,
      Yeah, I’ve been guilty of the same… thinking ‘if only this one little thing can be tweaked… the person will be perfect…’ Yup, definitely learned to avoid this method because it never works. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)

  4. patricia lavit
    patricia lavit says:

    Love is powerful and magical! when two people love each other, they feel grow wings and take flight like birds in freedom! it should not be any doubt fears them, instead we must live this present moment with great passion and tenderness, life is too short to ask questions! true love is both a dream and a reality! 😉


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