The Benefits of Scuba Diving

So ever since I got back from my first scuba diving trip (in the Dutch island of Bonaire), I’ve had this really cool feeling of empowerment. You see, since I’ve been back, nothing fazes me anymore. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Scuba Diving Has Changed Me

Now I’ve always been an over-achieving type person who tries really hard to not let fear rule, but hey, I’m a human being! Admittedly things do have a way of ruffling my feathers at times. Well, since this scuba experience, I find myself saying things like, “hey, if I can scuba dive 70 feet below the surface, I can do this… pfft…!

That sentence has become my new mantra.

scuba diving

Case in point. I live in a state where snow falls. I hate driving in snow because I fear getting into an accident. I am that person who calls out sick to work to avoid driving the five miles, yes you read that correctly, to get to the office. Well, it snowed less than a week after I returned from the tropics. I was working, and the snow pelted the ground. By the time I left work, a mess of slush covered the roads. Normally, I’d be freaking out.

But, not this time. I started my engine, put the car in drive and took control, reciting my mantra, “hey, if I can dive 70 feet below the surface, I can drive in a little snow… pfft…!”

It hasn’t snowed again since. So, I haven’t been able to test out if I’m still brave and all with the snow thing, but I’m pretty sure I will be (big smile).

Scuba Diving Challenges Me

I love to challenge myself. I feel alive when I break free of my comfort zone. I think it’s natural to set limits on ourselves and stay within a place that brings us a sense of normalcy. But, for me, when I stay there too long, I become deadened and encased in a shroud of dullness. So, I fight it, and I’m glad I do!

People have asked me why I would ever partake in an activity where the training manuals implicitly states the risk of death or serious injury.

Here’s why: I feel alive when diving.

When diving, every single cell in my being is alive and alert and on cue with everything going on around me. I am present. I am experiencing life. I am living!

When I took my first giant stride off that boat deck into the tropical turquoise waters surrounding the lively reefs of Bonaire, my overarching thought was: I am living life right now.

On that first dive, as I descended into a magical underwater world where reefs have been growing for millenniums, and turtles, flounder, parrot fish and eels color a landscape most human eyes have never had the privilege of seeing, my life as I had always known it changed.

I swam in a state of peace, in awe of the life around me. When I ascended back up to the surface after that first dive and all the others that followed that week, my heart soared. I stared up at that bright blue sky each time, high on adrenaline created out of the pure notion that as long as I am healthy and alive, I can do anything in life!

Have you had a similar ah-ha experience that made you feel alive?

Wishing you the very best,

Suzie Carr, novelist

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  1. Lara.
    Lara. says:

    Well my life change experience is no where near as profound as yours. There are three moments in my life that changed the course of my life. The first and most difficult one to talk about is when my mother took her life 31 years ago. That event made me look deep inside of myself. I needed to change. After living a reckless and dangerous life trying to escape the pain and fear of who I really am,I stepped back. L gave up the life of drugs and alcohol, even went so far as to get a divorce
    The next event happened nearly 9 nears ago. I found the courage inside of myself to step out of drain
    darkness and show the world who I am. This was a very empowering moment in my life. It was then that.found my voice and since I have used it to roth change. All be it small, but never the less change.
    The great event was no doubt the.most profound. Seven years ago on the 18 of December 2007 I had a near death experience. I awoke that morning to take my youngest daughter to school. I started to cough and suddenly I could not breathe. I collapsed to the floor desperately trying to breathe, clawing at my ne k watch my daughter glorified by what she was see. The last thing I remember was see a boot of.someone near me. I awakened 2 days later in the ICU at United hospital in St Paul. I was told that both of my lungs had collapsed. Then the bad news, I have stage 3 emphysema. For nearly 3 years I struggled, in and out of hospitals so often that the staff knew every thing about my family to the point they where almost like family. I have since come to no longer fear death but I have not conquered all of my fears.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story Suzie it is very inspirational. I will probably refer to often as a source of inspiration.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Lara, I appreciate that you shared your stories here. My goodness, YOU are a source of inspiration! I am so happy to hear that you are empowered by these moments, and that you are able to inspire those around you with your strength.

  2. Patricia lavit
    Patricia lavit says:

    We discover in this new world an extraordinary flora and fauna, it is an exploration of a large garden silent and magic! a wonderful space that attracts us and we aspire, and transports us a little to a meditation !!!
    I share your joy and your happiness

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Thank you. I will be careful. Thankfully, I was trained by a top notch instructor is also my friend. HE went above and beyond in his training, gearing me up with fantastic tools and knowledge to stay safe! Knowledge really is power!

  3. Scott Fornwall
    Scott Fornwall says:

    My work challenges me every day. I know that’s not as exciting as diving, but it’s the truth, so I know what you mean.

    Diving sounds like such an exciting thing. I am uncomfortable in the water, but it seems like diving would be very close to the feeling of flying. If you’ve ever been in a very small aircraft, you know the feeling of how you can feel the wind move the plane around. It’s frightening and exhilarating all at the same time. I’m glad that you found something so empowering and thrilling. Once you get better at it you’ll have to teach me. LOL!

    Take care, Suzie.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      It’s such a fantastic feeling to be excited. And, Scott, it’s even more fantastic that you find that through your work. I’m happy for you!

      My best friend’s husband has taken me up in his Cessna, and you’re absolutely right on with the feeling being similar to diving. Just as the winds push you around up in the air, so do the currents push you around underwater. And if going in the direction of a strong current, it feels like flying! I caught a couple of those strong currents. So cool!

  4. Isobel McCauley
    Isobel McCauley says:

    You are all a wonderful inspiration! Life is so short make the most of it, face your fears and challenges, you will find out how strong you really are.


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