silenceOne of the best gifts we can give ourselves is a few moments each day to be still and to listen to our hearts. Within these quiet folds of time and space, we discover our roots. These roots are what support us, nourish us, and allow us to bend with the winds of change.

I used to avoid being alone because I feared I was losing out on something. When I discovered meditation, I became more aware of the simple pleasures that make life more beautiful. I learned that this time alone gifted me with clarity, focus, and the ability to get to know myself.

So much chaos surrounds us. It’s so easy to get lost in it all. It’s so easy to become addicted to it all. And thankfully, it’s so easy to turn it off and to find yourself again by simply sitting idle, drawing some breaths, and opening up to hear the lessons in the quiet space between the beating of your heart.

I’m addicted to finding more of these moments. How about you?

Wishing you the best,

Suzie Carr

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  1. Patricia Weber
    Patricia Weber says:

    There is no doubt: meditation whether it’s 5 minutes or 25 minutes, is in my daily routine. For me it’s most helpful in the morning. If I miss it, I know something is missing and then find even a short time is helpful to my peace of mind and mindfulness. Thanks.

  2. Kate
    Kate says:

    Finding the time for stillness and silence is such a challenge for me in the uber connected world I live in. I appreciate hearing that even 5 minutes can be helpful! It is on my list of 2015 goals. Thanks for posting.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      that’s all it takes Kate. 5 minutes can have a major impact in helping to rebalance and focus. I also used to find it difficult to find the time because I am always plugged in. Then one day it dawned on me that just like with technology, I needed to make room for a few minutes to plug in to inner peace. It rejuvenates the spirit, and allows for even greater productivity.

      • Kate
        Kate says:

        Perhaps I will try to “recharge” my mind, when I am recharging my phone! I’m also working on recognizin when my mind and body are telling me that I need a break 😉


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