Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

I want to share a story about love at first sight. I know what many might be thinking as you roll your eyes, but trust me, it exists.


Go with the Flow

To go with the flow is a good goal. So how does one know when to say goodbye to one path and get on a new one, and ultimately learn to go with the flow?

Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace in 10 Simple Ways

In our pursuits, we often tend to neglect the very thing we will need to help us push through, and that’s our health – a direct byproduct of inner peace.

finding purpose

Finding Purpose

The common thread in finding purpose, and this is just my humble opinion, is finding ways to create meaning and joy for others through our actions.


The Upside of Challenges

Challenges are good for us. They mold us, stretch us, and teach us how to face real-life situations with grace, if we allow for this.

feel great

How to Feel Great Again

We all want to feel great. We want to embrace the day and not dodge it. Let’s face it, life is meant to be enjoyed, not just survived.

set priorities

How to Set Priorities

set priorities is a smart idea. Knowing what’s important can help us plan and become more proactive instead of reactive.

Be Happy

Be Happy Now by Giving More

To be happy requires we step outside ourselves and turn our attention to others.When we give, we empower lives and spread joy. 

forgive someone

How to Forgive Someone

Learning how to forgive someone is hard. It takes an enormous amount of strength to let hurt just roll off the shoulders and observe it with a neutral eye.

suzie carr on girls hour

Relax with Deep Breathing

Back when I originally wrote this post, I needed to relax. I found that by deep breathing, I gained a sense of control over my emotions.