Benefits of a Book Club

Joining a book club is one of the most effective ways to understand what readers really desire and expect from a novelist. Though, as writers, we often feel guilty for taking time away from our writing. The easiest way to solve this is to make yourself accountable by joining a book club and committing to being an active participant.

I’m a novelist who writes sapphic blended romance novels. I noticed a major improvement in my own writing when I joined my book club.

book club

You’ll gain much as a book club member.

You’ll gain a three dimensional perspective on what is most important in a book. Some of the greatest benefits and writing lessons I’ve learned have come directly from my book club meetings.

Join a Book Club to Read More

To be a better writer, read more. Writers have doled out this advice to aspiring novelists forever. A well-read writer is someone who is better equipped to churn out words that matter to a story. The more writers read, the more they will understand the subtle nuances that get readers turning pages. So, get your reading glasses ready, and hone your skills in other areas.

Join a Book Club to Read Stuff You Never Would’ve Read

You’ll read the good and the bad. Everyone has a different opinion on what creates that urge to flip to the next page when their eyes are tired but their curiosity says full steam ahead. You’ll be exposed to books that will take you on journeys you never imagined traveling. You’ll read outside your comfort zone, reach higher into the nebulous world of fantasy perhaps, the intoxicating rush of a heated romance, and turn onto the fast lane of action. This will widen your perspective and grant you a front-row seat to a whole new world of literature.

Join a Book Club to Gain Insight into the Minds of Readers

We’ve all said at one point, “Gosh I’d love to be a fly on the wall right about now.” Well, as a writer, there is no greater gift of insight than that of gaining access to the inner workings of the reader’s mind as she pours over words crafted by a fellow novelist. To understand what readers think about characters, motives, themes, plots, is to understand what makes a great book a great book. What better clarity can a writer possess?

A book club sits you on center stage in front of your readers. The view is spectacular and eye-opening.

Wishing you all the best,

Suzie Carr, novelist

P.S. Let’s keep the conversation flowing… has joining a book club helped you become a better writer?


How to Have a Great Attitude

Attitude is powerful. If you’ve got a good one, you can empower others. However, a bad attitude can undermine in a flash.

writing time

Find Time to Write

To find time to write is hard. Our lives are so busy. We have responsibilities that can’t take a backseat. How do we find the time?


4 Ways to Jumpstart the Day

To jumpstart the day requires you have the desire to thrive. Some days are easier than others to rise and shine, though. It’s time to wipe the sleep away.

Feel Your Best

10 Ways to Feel Great  

When you feel great, things just seem so much easier. You can focus more sharply. Your energy increases. You’re happier. You’re free!

scuba diving

The Benefits of Scuba Diving

So ever since I got back from my first scuba diving trip (in the Dutch island of Bonaire), I’ve had this really cool feeling of empowerment.


Why You Need Adversity

AdversityHere’s why you need adversity in life. Without it you won’t grow. The lessons you need to learn won’t present themselves without it.

Recently a friend of mine ran into some adversity and she turned to me for guidance on how to move forward.

I tried earnestly to say something to her that would spring joy back into her life, but was at a total loss for words. What do you say to someone who suffers a break in hope? “Don’t worry. It’ll get better with time?”

Adversity Happens

Most of us have been in that place where we feel humiliated, overwhelmed, and hopeless all in one. This is not one of life’s places we want anyone we care about to be.

Growth Happens Too

As deflating as adversity can feel at the moment, I believe it puts us in a place that helps us grow into even better people. Without pain, without agony, without defeat, we have no frame of reference on which to judge greatness when it shines itself onto our life.

Adversity’s Positive Twist

I am a firm believer that defining moments, like the one my friend was going through, shape our lives just as the powerful storms and angry volcanoes of years past have shaped Earth. Without conflict, we’d have no Grand Canyon, no Mount Everest, no separate continents, and in respect to our singular lives, no respect for ordinary days when all is calm and right.

And just as the storm clouds clear and open up to bright blue, sunny skies, so too will this shroud of regret for the past and fear of the future be lifted for my friend.

Wishing you the best always,

Adversity is temporary.


The Secret to Progress

The secret to progress is drive. To move forward takes time and focus, too. You must be willing to take that first step and keep moving.

“To progress, one has to be willing to let go of what is known and be open to new adventure.” Suzie 

progressWe all have things we want to accomplish. We set out with great intention only to be sidetracked by our psyche urging us to turn the other way and enjoy the lure of things within easy reach instead.

The Need for Progress

Maybe it’s that we want to be savvier with our money, get into better shape, or gain more knowledge so we can prosper in our careers. These things all take time, focus, and drive. They require a significant amount of patience and motivation to acquire.

Short cuts just seem easier, don’t they?

Short Cuts Block Real Progress

We’re all smart enough to know that to make any real progress, we must do the work. We can’t expect to run a company successfully without first acquiring the skill sets. We can’t expect to have a bestselling novel sustain its prominence in the market without first putting in the long hours of writing the book. We can’t expect to have healthy bodies without first treating our bodies with the respect of good nutrition and sensible exercise routines.

The reality is that we need to work to progress on those things that we deem important.

Progress Requires Sustained Action

As with any new venture, we set out on new goals fueled with what seems like a super human power. We might spend hours writing some fabulous scenes, reading a book on finance, or tackling the first week of a grueling exercise program. We feel on top of our game, fueled by euphoria from the first scene that took us on a glorious ride, from the first stock papertrade that went well, or from the first inch lost on our waistline.

Then, week two comes around and we find ourselves tempted to let the firm focus grip slide a little. Our old habits are staring us in the face begging for attention. To break an old habit, we need a sticking motivation something that will stand firm in the face of temptation. That’s when the real progress occurs.

A powerful motivator is usually an emotional one.

For instance, when it comes to my health, the drive is deeply rooted in a promise I made to myself after a great friend passed away 4 years ago. I will never again take my health for granted. He died of cancer too early in life and he would’ve given anything to have a healthy body. I have one, so I’m constantly reminded that I have to treat it with respect. It’s almost like if I don’t, then I’m disrespecting his battle. This is strong motivation for me tied inextricably to my emotions.

We’re all motivated for progress differently.

To find success, we must discover what makes us tick. If we don’t know yet what that thing is that’ll keep us strong in the face of adversity, we need to vigilantly keep searching for it.




Reach out to others who are role models and doing what you want to be doing. Find out what keeps them focused and see if it mirrors your philosophies and touches you on an emotional level.






Never give up on your journey to discover the power that resides within you. The power to progress is in all of us.

Wishing you the very best,

Suzie Carr, novelist



My 5 Favorite Foods

My 5 favorite foods of all time are ones I would be very sad if I couldn’t eat anymore. My thought on favorite foods: I live once, so I enjoy them. Secret - 10 Day You Challenge

A second random thought: I am so happy to be alive in a time when I don’t have to hide behind trees and hunt my dinner or crawl around forests in search of my afternoon snack. I’m all about earning my treats, but that has more to do with healthy weight tactics than survival!

Favorite Foods – one word: YUMBO!

What else can make out mouths water, lighten a mood, nourish our bodies, fuel our energy, and turn a gathering into a celebration like favorite foods can? They are like friends to us. They share life’s most important events with us. They give our life ZEST!

Favorite foods bring us together in a way little else can.

Food is the social connector that brings our parties and important events to life. Some of my fondest memories have been created around scrumptious spreads. One of my favorites is the time my good friend, Pat, asked me to cook his last Thanksgiving Day dinner. He was dying of cancer 4 years ago and knew this would be the last Thanksgiving for him and his family. I wanted it to be special. I cooked for two days perfecting this grandiose meal. The conversation, laughter, and miraculous return of his appetite as we sat down to indulge in dishes I’d created from scratch, caused my heart to balloon to a size its never been again.

Food has a magical way of bringing families and friends together in a way that little else can.

So, in the spirit of its delicious and social gifts to life, and in continuing on my 10 day ‘you’ challenge, I want to share with you my five favorite foods.


1. Colombian Arepa


2. Calamari


3. Steamed Clams


4. chocolate in any form


5. Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra.

favorite foods

Do we have any similar ones? What are your 5 favorite foods?

Wishing you the best always,

Suzie Carr



6 Top Travel Destinations

My 6 top travel destinations are ones in my dreams. I’ve yet to witness their beauty or smell their intoxicating charm. I don’t travel often. Which is why I would ask:

Secret - 10 Day You ChallengeTravel? What is that?

I’ve heard of it, but it’s been so long since this lady has packed a bag and traveled.

I have dreams of places I want to venture off to. I crave to fly off into the blue skies, float with the clouds, and then land in beautiful places where tranquil seas reach out beyond a point my naked eye can see.

Travel and the Senses

Ask anyone who has ever traveled, and she’ll tell you that travel has tickled her senses. I want my senses tickled too! I want to taste exotic fruits, dance to the beat of a new sound, and experience life outside my comfort zone.

Travel and Write

As a writer, I would imagine how excited I’d be to sit with someone from the other side of the world and have a chat about daily life, ideals, triumphs, challenges, and the commonality of the  human spirit. The conversations would surely ignite my creativity and cause me to go nights without sleeping, as I would be frantically typing out the inner secrets of new characters. Just the thought of this gives me a jolt.

One day I will travel. And when I do, I will do so with deep respect and appreciation.

Here are the 6 places I want to travel:


Travel-1 Travel-2 Travel-3 Travel-4 Travel-5 Travel-6

Ever since watching Eat, Pray, Love, I’ve had a fascination with traveling as a pathway to self-discovery. Even though I love what I do in daily life, a part of me can’t help but to think there is something much grander and life-affirming past the borders of my home state.

Don’t get me wrong, having a home base is good for the spirit. I feel nourished when I am in the comfort of my home. But a part of my soul is itching to venture away from it for a while to see what else this magnificent world holds.

I will travel when the time is right. I will pack my bags and discover the greatness of this beautiful planet.

For now, I am content to be home with my fur babies, Sunshine and Bumblebee, enjoying them in the here and now.



If I could figure out a way to travel comfortably with them, we’d be in Hawaii in a heartbeat 🙂

Wishing you the best,

Suzie Carr

P.S. What places to you want to travel?