My 5 Favorite Foods

My 5 favorite foods of all time are ones I would be very sad if I couldn’t eat anymore. My thought on favorite foods: I live once, so I enjoy them. Secret - 10 Day You Challenge

A second random thought: I am so happy to be alive in a time when I don’t have to hide behind trees and hunt my dinner or crawl around forests in search of my afternoon snack. I’m all about earning my treats, but that has more to do with healthy weight tactics than survival!

Favorite Foods – one word: YUMBO!

What else can make out mouths water, lighten a mood, nourish our bodies, fuel our energy, and turn a gathering into a celebration like favorite foods can? They are like friends to us. They share life’s most important events with us. They give our life ZEST!

Favorite foods bring us together in a way little else can.

Food is the social connector that brings our parties and important events to life. Some of my fondest memories have been created around scrumptious spreads. One of my favorites is the time my good friend, Pat, asked me to cook his last Thanksgiving Day dinner. He was dying of cancer 4 years ago and knew this would be the last Thanksgiving for him and his family. I wanted it to be special. I cooked for two days perfecting this grandiose meal. The conversation, laughter, and miraculous return of his appetite as we sat down to indulge in dishes I’d created from scratch, caused my heart to balloon to a size its never been again.

Food has a magical way of bringing families and friends together in a way that little else can.

So, in the spirit of its delicious and social gifts to life, and in continuing on my 10 day ‘you’ challenge, I want to share with you my five favorite foods.


1. Colombian Arepa


2. Calamari


3. Steamed Clams


4. chocolate in any form


5. Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra.

favorite foods

Do we have any similar ones? What are your 5 favorite foods?

Wishing you the best always,

Suzie Carr


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  1. Amy Berger
    Amy Berger says:

    Yummm, arepa’s…haven’t had them since a business trip to Venezuela back in ’97. Wasn’t successful making them at home. They were more like hockey pucks.

    I’m on board with the Calamari and Dark Chocolate. Would add:

    Tom Yum Gai (Thai Hot & Sour Chicken Soup)
    – also good with shrimp rather than chicken.

    Vietnamese Spring Rolls (with peanut sauce).

    Really thick cut onion rings (guilty pleasure)


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