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This writer could use a little help with an idea… What would make for a compelling reason for a character to come back to their hometown and have to stay for a few months. I’m trying to not make it so obvious a reason for her to stay. Perhaps the reason of needing to come home is obvious (a sick parent, funeral, wedding, etc). But, I want the reason she needs to stay to be not so contrived… I’ve already done the injured parent needing care in Beneath Everything. So, I want to avoid caretaking as a reason… I haven’t even decided at this early stage if I want her to be happy or unhappy living in the current town she had to leave for this reason. If you have suggestions, please chime in!


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  1. Mildred Gail Digby
    Mildred Gail Digby says:

    Good question! Why would someone go back to their hometown for a few months that (hopefully) hasn’t been done before…

    To help out some organization important to her in her youth (like a swim team) when it’s on the verge of financial or organizational collapse.

    To stop someone she knows is a horrible person from becoming the mayor of that town.

    To win a bet with one of her big city friends that she can win first prize in the county fair with her grandma’s secret pumpkin pie recipe.

    That’s it from me! Let’s see what others come up with.

  2. Charley Kopp
    Charley Kopp says:

    Hi Suzie, I’ve seen this in second chance lesbian fiction quite a lot. A woman comes to her hometown to get her grandma’s house in order to sell it, kind of thing. Your question made me think of something from my life,. My parents my sister and I were away from extended family and my parents pretty secretive. When my Papa had died and my Mama was in failing health, I started to learn things about my parents and their families back in Wisconsin. It was a slow thing over some years. Mostly I learned from my Mama’s two brothers, my Uncles. Some from cousins. E.g. when I was a HS sophomore I abandoned sports and stayed in the school library, reading a ton and playing some guitar. My Papa hated it. Years later I learned he’d had a brother Burton who read books a lot, who hung himself in their garage when he was 14. When my sister’s daughter was about three we were living in SF and in my apartment I had a photo of my niece on my fridge. A cousin visiting asked, Who is that? My mother had never told her Wisconsin family that she had a granddaughter, because the birth was only six months after the marriage. So my idea is, your character finds out something that changes her view of her own childhood,, so much that she has to return to her hometown and take time to sort it out. I could give other examples. Good luck with your story. —Charley

  3. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    – scouting out real estate opportunities for a developer. Stays with parents. Must deal with negative impact from townies and old classmates

    – on sabbatical from teaching job. Visiting relatives as part of world trip before returning to her Korean/Japanese ESL job

    – working a medical locum in her hometown as part of medical degree

    – looking for inspiration for her next book, next lecture tour, next business opportunity

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    Have a few ideas for you, that with your writing style, you could come up with a really awesome new series!

    1) Creat a vigilante justice team, that brings offenders to justice when the legal system can’t, defenders of the weak and helps victims. You could even tweak it to being bounty hunters, cold case detectives or even PI.

    2) Going to age myself with this one but growing up I always watched reruns of the TV show the Streets of San Francisco and create a more modern police procedural series about two partners who are a couple.

    3) With Tiny Living being the in thing, along with Off Grid living, you could create a series based on a couple that either build tiny houses or take people out on off the grid excursions to better prepare them for living that way.

  5. David Walford
    David Walford says:

    Hi Suzie,
    How about witnessing a crime or accident and being needed to give evidence? Or meeting an old flame?
    Maybe being hospitalised? Or a broken limb? Defrauded and out of money?
    I’ll keep thinking.
    All the best,
    David x

  6. Caz
    Caz says:

    How about something that happened to her in her past and she’s coming back to face her demons because she can’t move on?

    Or to see a past flame that she could never stop thinking about

    Or that she’s in the army coming back for a surprise visit for a while


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