In Loving Memory of Sunshine

“Sunshine” a.k.a. General Chesty: February 16, 2006 – April 10, 2015

On February 16, 2006, you shined your light on this world for the first time. From the initial moment we met, when you were just 2 weeks old, my life blossomed beyond any level I had ever known.

Sunshine, you made me a better person. You taught me how to love abundantly, eat with gusto, embrace the best in people, smell the sweetness of the early day, rest without a care in the world, pick up my pace when duty called, and slow down long enough to give thanks to the gifts of friendship, family, and love.

You lit up a room with your gentle and giant spirit, and you continue to spread love through every nook and cranny of my being.

Throughout the course of your beautiful life, you saved me countless times from losing sight of the present moment. Like right now as I write this I am once again reminded, with the thought of your caring nudge, to take pause and reflect on the pristine beauty of the now.

I look around me and you’re everywhere. I feel your warmth and love kissing the air and filling it with hope and lightness. You comfort me, even from the other side of that Rainbow Bridge, because you’re that powerful and loving.

I miss you so much. I miss your smell, soft fur, wet nose, soulful eyes, and silly poses. I miss your hugs, snores, and limitless appetite for everything yummy and fun this world has to offer. I miss you pawing at me when I’m working too hard. I miss you waking me up in the middle of the night to take you outside so you can explore where bunnies and squirrels play in the backyard. I miss that look you used to give me when you wanted me to stop everything and sit with you on the couch under all of your one hundred and ten pounds of strength. I will cherish the memories of those cuddles forever.

I miss life on your time, Sunshine.

I miss you calling the shots.

I’ll always miss everything about you.

You’ve left permanent paw prints on my heart, and I will hold them dearly and honor them with grateful pleasure knowing I am deeply blessed for having the love and companionship of one of the greatest, selfless souls imaginable.

The lives of those you touched will always shine brightly. You’ve touched so many. Wherever we ventured, people stopped in their tracks to take in your sweet eyes and adorable expression. You lifted people’s spirits with such ease. Oh how I loved that ability of yours. I take great comfort in knowing without a doubt that your memory will live on in so many hearts.

It’s been a privilege and an honor sharing life with you.

You are my Sunshine, my one and only Sunshine.

Until we meet again my sweet boy…



Wishing you the very best,

Suzie Carr, novelist

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  1. Micheal
    Micheal says:

    Sorry for your loss, this is a great page you can visit and brighten your day when you need it by looking at these great pictures!

  2. Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee says:

    Oh my gosh, bless your heart. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy and with so much character. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Sunshine. You and Mommy will meet again. 🙁

  3. stacey darlington
    stacey darlington says:

    Omg…suzie that made me weep freely…so profound and beautifully written. I feel your pain with tears rolling down my cheeks…completely sympathizing with this and my own blessed gift from god who left this world too soon. I love and adore you. Dogs are magical creatures…who teach us how to be better beings. Xoxooxo

  4. Tami White
    Tami White says:

    What a great tribute to Chesty (Sunshine). I truly enjoyed reading it and I am thankful that writing it has brought comfort to you. You gave him such a wonderful life and in return, he shined a soulful light on your life and will until you meet again. Just blessed! Thanks for sharing that. XOXO

  5. Bridget Stone
    Bridget Stone says:

    So sorry to hear that Chesty (a.k.a. Sunshine) has passed away. I will always remember his greeting each time I came for a haircut. He would sniff around the chair to say hello and eventually jump onto the sofa and quickly fall into a deep snoring sleep in a manner of minutes. Such a sweetheart. RIP big sweet fella.

  6. Isobel McCauley
    Isobel McCauley says:

    Beautiful, Suzie….I am sure if Sunshine could speak he would utter the same words to you. Life may change, hope disappear, but very moment of our lives is a very special gift so we have to find a way to make the sun shine every day. Invariably we learn about inner strength we never knew we had. Thinking of you and yours…

  7. Allan
    Allan says:

    First Suz ie, let me express my sympathies. Having gone through what you just did, I know exactly how you are feeling. To this day, I still think of Bandit who went across the Rainbow Bridge in 2004. Dogs are pure joy, innocence (well, okay, maybe a little mischievous to make life interesting) but the unconditional love is simply amazing. Now, I have a new friend Lucky, who though will never replace Bandit, has stolen my heart in his own way. Maybe there will be a time you decide to get a new friend, I hope you do, but do it at your own pace. In the meanwhile, I hope the time comes when sorrow is replaced with smiles as you remember the good times.

  8. Dave
    Dave says:

    You only have to read your books to know everything comes from the Heart, I know it’s sad as I’ve been through it myself with losing Pets, and it never gets easier. You just have to remember the good times put your love to another, but most importantly never forget. Dave

  9. Sue Collins
    Sue Collins says:

    Who couldn’t love a wonderful little face like Sunshine’s…. So much personality just by looking at his pictures…. You gave him the best most magical life he could ever have wished for…. Give Bumblebee a big hug for me and a scratch behind the ears!!

  10. Patricia lavit
    Patricia lavit says:

    A very nice tribute for Sunshine! He was happy with you and will always be present in your heart. He watch over you and wishes that you are happy! I know that it is hard for you but you have to smile and laugh at life ! Bumblebee is always with you and you also have friends who loves you Suzie…:)

  11. annie
    annie says:

    This was so heartwarming! Sunshine was Beautiful! I did not know Sunshine, but seeing the pictures and your beautiful writing of him

    • annie
      annie says:

      Seeing the pictures of Sunshine made me feel happy! Sunshine I didn’t know you but you are in my heart! Rest In Peace…

  12. Linda
    Linda says:

    MiSuse. Heartily sorry for your loss. It seems a time for loved ones passing. Another of my friends lost one of her beloved great Danes just before your loss and shut herself off from people around her, and now she’s lashing out. I wish she could see the loving tribute you put on here, so I am sharing the link with her, so that she can see how expressive thoughts of love might help in her grieving process. I hope this helped in your healing. Love and light, Suzie Carr, you will get through this. I did, because I, too, lost my fur baby years ago, and remember him so well that with time the pain is bearable. One step at a time…bless the Sunshine!

  13. Missy
    Missy says:

    I know exactly how you feel over losing Sunshine. I believe, like those people we love and lose, our pets stay with us even after they “cross over”. Sunshine will always play and bark and love you in your heart forever. They say animals have no soul but i don’t believe it as they love as much as humans do. Remember Sunshine and know he still plays and protects you in your heart.

  14. Suzie Carr
    Suzie Carr says:

    Thank you so much everyone. Your comments brought a lot more peace into my heart. He was loved by so many! Thank you for taking the time to help me heal by reaching out as you did here. It means the world! Love to you all – Suzie

  15. George Akerley
    George Akerley says:

    Wonderful! You express your love in such a delightful way, Suzie.This naturally allows those of us reading to consider the relationship the two of you had. My companions provided me with wondrous joy, pure delight, love as only dogs can provide. Now, of course, my memories of their awesome love are most alive. Your words are so beneficial.


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