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Recording an Audio Book – wow!

UPDATE: Inner Secrets Audio Book is live and FREE!

I’ve been working hard at getting my audio book  files for Inner Secrets perfected according to’s standards. I’ve learned quite a bit. I was using the wrong kind of microphone, wrong settings on my audio editing software, and recording in a room where the airplanes could be heard! argh! That hasn’t stopped me. I learned form the great technicians at Audible and Sweetwater and have since set up a brand new recording environment and purchased all the equipment I need.


Audible’s standards are high because they have an encoding system that requires the files be mastered at a certain range. So, even though this inaugural version of my audio book has not passed those QC standards, doesn’t mean the MP3 files I have ready to go aren’t okay for streaming online. So, l’ve decided to upload them to SoundCloud. I am super happy with how it sounds! I hope you will be, too!

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Learning to Record an Audio Book – double wow!

Recording and editing Inner Secrets as an audio book has been quite the learning experience.

Needless to say, the skill sets required are far different than writing the actual book! I recently tapped into experts for their guidance on setting up a home recording studio, narrating, and editing the audio book files. The funnest part of this process for me was getting into my characters’ heads and acting out their parts. I felt connected to them in the most intimate of ways (I’m allowed to blush, right?!)

My First Consideration with my Audio Book…

When I first started to consider turning my novels into audio books, I auditioned many narrators. None of them seemed to get the personalities just right. So, I decided to narrate my books myself. It’s taken me eight months to learn the process and produce, what I hope you’ll find, an enjoyable listen.

Go grab your FREE copy now!


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