How to get Creative through Freewriting

Freewriting is a great way to spark your creativity. The benefits are numerous.  When I write my lesbian romance novels, I freewrite every time. I do this to clear my mind of clutter and to purposely break the rules. By doing so, my characters come alive and let their voices be heard, my narrative voice comes out of hiding, and the ideas flow. This sets me up for a productive writing session. I set a goal, achieve said goal, and get busy doing what I love, writing my lesbian romance books.

Here are 3 reasons you should freewrite:


1. Freewrite to express yourself without rules

Rules and restrictions limit our creativity. When we fret over whether a verb agrees with its subject or whether a sentence is too passive versus active, we unplug the power of imagination. Writing is all about unleashing what’s deep in our minds. When we bind to rules, those powerful emotions that bring a string of words to life suffocate. Set yourself free by eliminating all judgment until you’ve gotten the words out where they belong. The only rule to follow when you freewrite is to set a goal of either time (10 minutes is highly recommended) or space (1-2 pages).

2. Freewrite to remove anxiety and pressure

When I first started writing books, I ran into major writer’s block. I would sit and stare at the white space and panic. I’d try to type a sentence and couldn’t even think of a single word. The pressure of filling white space with a saleable story can kill an idea before it even has time to live. To avoid this, temporarily rethink the purpose of this white space as a safe place where you can jot down any thought that pops into mind. The goal is to remove all pressure by clearing the mind of clutter and ultimately getting the words to flow.


3. Freewrite to find your voice

Every writer has a style, but many struggle to discover it. When we freewrite we learn to find our unique style. By freeing our thoughts to spill out onto the screen, we are in essence allowing our opinions and true voice to come through. As writers, when we find our voices, we bring our writing to a whole new level. We uncover feelings we didn’t even know existed.

Whenever I sit down to write my novels, I always freewrite.

Freewriting puts me in a magical place where I set myself free to explore fantasy, reality, and everything in between. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed how freeing it can be.

Wishing you all the best,
Suzie Carr, Novelist

P.S. Let’s keep the ball rolling here… chime in if you will… Do you freewrite, and if so, how has it helped in your writing?

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  1. Tori
    Tori says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this. Freewriting is … FREEING. I freewrite to jump start fictional short stories. But, I’ve learned it also works for tasks as simple as work emails. Sometimes when I have to explain something via email, I get overwhelmed. Someone told me to just write it out, simply and in plain English, and then you can go back and fix it. I’ve found this really helps me get my thoughts organized.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      @Tori It is SO freeing. I start every writing session using this tactic. I love the idea of using this technique in the context of work emails, as well. Just getting those thoughts out there in the open is the first step and after that everything usually falls much easier into place. Thanks for chiming in:)

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I’ve only recently begun to freewrite after afriend suggested it. I am a poet and have suffered from writers block for some time now. Utilizing this exercise has reopened the craetive flow of words in my mind and I am slowly starting to become confident in my writings again.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      @Sarah Glad to hear the creative flow has reopened for you. This technique is fantastic for building confidence because it helps elimnate the fear and frustrations many of us feel when we sit in front of a white screen or blank page. Have fun with the writing!


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