The Destiny of Love

destiny of loveDo You Believe in the Destiny of Love?

Today is the twenty-sixth wedding anniversary of my good friends, so I feel inspired to write about the destiny of love.

When you consider all of the things that must align properly for two people to meet, falling in love is a remarkable miracle.

Is it luck or destiny of love that helps people find that special person with whom they share their lives? Is it random fortune that causes two people to meet in exactly the right place together at the right time? Or is it divine intervention that brought them to this place?

I have many people in my life who struggle to find that ‘special love’. They search bars, classrooms, corporate settings, and countless other places only to return solo. Defeat looms heavily on their shoulders as though in some way they think it is their fault that a magical spark didn’t happen between them and one of the millions of other people in the world.

Those successful in love will tell you that finding that right person is all about timing and fate. When I think about all the great relationships surrounding me, the one thing they all have in common is that they all bloomed from a single, defining moment in time when the two people had a clear path to each other, despite obstacles that stood in their way.

A Look at the Destiny of Love

Here’s a clear example of the destiny of love: my dad actually met my mom at a dance where he was on a date with her sister! My brother met his bride when on a random military leave for a day in South Carolina. A friend met her girlfriend in a college class that she decided to enroll in at the last minute.  Another friend met her husband when she had engine trouble one day and just happened to beg this mechanic, now her husband, for help. As is the case with all of these first meetings, paths crossed at the right moment in time.

When it comes to finding love, people never know when, where, or how it will come at them. One day they’re lonely, the next they are floating on the wings of love. To me, finding love is a hopeful pursuit. The waiting brims with hope for a bright future. One never knows when she will walk out of her front door and find that special person.

The hopeless romantic in me believes it takes more than chance for two compatible people to find each other in this great, big world. I’d like to think that it is the destiny of love that brings people together with the ones they love.

Do you believe in the destiny of love?

Wishing you the best,
Suzie Carr, Novelist

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  1. Mark Rochford
    Mark Rochford says:

    I believe in dedtinyy. Wrmtnon a holiday and met my wife st the back of s tour bus in Torquay Devon England. Parents paid for holiday
    Wife to be travelled up with hrx ec boyfriend

  2. Issy
    Issy says:

    I met my partner of 25 years through an acquaintance who stopped by my flat one day to drop something off. Jill, who was waiting in the car asked to be introduced. I found out years later that my family thought it would never work as we were, apparently like chalk and cheese!! But hey, they were so wrong!

  3. pat lavit
    pat lavit says:

    I believe in the destiny of love to be at the right time in the right place a smile, a look, of trade … makes us think that she is our twin flame! 🙂

  4. lara
    lara says:

    Destiny of love? Of course, love is a deep seeded emotion that won’t be found in bars, clubs or work. To me it happens when the heart collides with another. You feel that lump in your throat, your chest warms and your head begins to float. It’s let the whole world doesn’t exist for that moment. It happened once in my, only to have her family move away. But it will happen again when I least exspect it.

  5. Patricia lavit
    Patricia lavit says:

    Fall in love is not necessarily a lightning strike, it is also from a tender relationship friendly that it feeds, built by exchanges, shares with someone! It is a large and deep feeling, a physical attraction with a lot of tenderness and softness !

  6. Karen
    Karen says:

    We were friends first but I had been secretly admiring him from afar. He had just come out of a relationship so I was conscious of being the ‘rebound’ girl. Opportunity led to us just hanging out, sharing meals ( we were poor med students) and our relationship blossomed from there.despite initial family difficulties disapproving initially( he is Indian) we felt invincible .We are still going strong 22years later and I feel blessed to have found the love of my life x


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