How to Focus Better

Learning how to focus better can bring astonishing benefits to life. To achieve goals, it’s imperative to gain control over your habits.

say no

How To Say No

When I learned how to say no to people, my life finally took shape. It’s never easy to turn someone away. But, at times, it’s necessary.


How to Remove Clutter

To remove clutter will open you up to a brand new view on life. When your landscape is clear, you can move forward with ease.

Defining Curves

Defining Curves that Teach Lessons

Defining curves – life is surely full of them, don’t you think? What we do when faced with a curve will determine its impact on our life.

set priorities

How to Set Priorities

set priorities is a smart idea. Knowing what’s important can help us plan and become more proactive instead of reactive.

Be Happy

Be Happy Now by Giving More

To be happy requires we step outside ourselves and turn our attention to others.When we give, we empower lives and spread joy. 

Outside the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a place that paralyzes many. It drains the energy needed to sustain the long legs of a purposeful journey.


Be Ready for Opportunity

Opportunity is everywhere and available to all of us. We only need to open our eyes to it. Then, it’s up to us to recognize and take hold of it.

feed your joy

Feed Your Joy Instantly

Feed Your Joy Facebook Group helps to nourish people by providing a positive and peaceful place to focus on those things that bring out the best in us.

making excuses

Never Give Up

Don’t ever give up on something that is important because it feels impossible to achieve. Anything worthy of pursuit can be accomplished.