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Relax with Deep Breathing

Back when I originally wrote this post, I needed to relax. I found that by deep breathing, I gained a sense of control over my emotions.


Everything is Temporary

Everything is temporary. When adversity strikes, remember that nothing lasts forever, even heartache and pain. It will get better.

Outside the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a place that paralyzes many. It drains the energy needed to sustain the long legs of a purposeful journey.


Be Ready for Opportunity

Opportunity is everywhere and available to all of us. We only need to open our eyes to it. Then, it’s up to us to recognize and take hold of it.


Being Authentic

Being authentic is crucial if you want to live your best life and as the best version of yourself. Don’t feed your fear. Feed your truth.

living in the moment

Living in the Present Moment

Do you ever find yourself reliving the past or planning for the future more than living in the present moment? Being present is the key to loving life.

Shellie Blum

Interview with Author Shellie Blum

Shellie Blum is a woman who has overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today, a woman inspiring others to never give up in the face of adversity.

making excuses

Never Give Up

Don’t ever give up on something that is important because it feels impossible to achieve. Anything worthy of pursuit can be accomplished.


Snap out of Apathy

To snap out of apathy is not easy. It’s also not impossible. Apathy an sneak up on you and steal your energetic vibe and drive.


How to Deal with Rude People

Rude people exist. There isn’t anything you can do about another person’s actions. But, you have full control over how you react to them.