How to Deal with Ups and Downs

Life will always be full of ups and downs. How we react to them will determine our level of joy in life. Both teach lessons if we pay attention.

Be more productive-1

Increase Productivity Instantly

So you want to increase productivity? It’s difficult to get the brain in proper mode with all the gears cranking. But you need to to get work done.

life lessons learned

How to Reduce Stress

Wishing for a magic solution to reduce stress? Yeah, me too! Fact is, stress reduction takes some effort. But you can do it. 

taking the high road

How to Take the High Road

To take the high road means doing the right thing even if it’s not popular or easy. Many times, it’s not easy at all! Yet, it’s vital you do.


Harmony | How to Achieve and Maintain It

Life is full of distraction, making harmony tough to achieve. We only have to turn to the external world to escape and find a temporary state of balance.


Go with the Flow

To go with the flow is a good goal. So how does one know when to say goodbye to one path and get on a new one, and ultimately learn to go with the flow?


The Upside of Challenges

Challenges are good for us. They mold us, stretch us, and teach us how to face real-life situations with grace, if we allow for this.

feel great

How to Feel Great Again

We all want to feel great. We want to embrace the day and not dodge it. Let’s face it, life is meant to be enjoyed, not just survived.

set priorities

How to Set Priorities

set priorities is a smart idea. Knowing what’s important can help us plan and become more proactive instead of reactive.

forgive someone

How to Forgive Someone

Learning how to forgive someone is hard. It takes an enormous amount of strength to let hurt just roll off the shoulders and observe it with a neutral eye.