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6 Reasons Books Make Great Presents

As Christmas and New Year preparations are in full swing, a new year is just around the corner. We will soon be lighting up our houses, putting up a well-decorated tree, wrapping gifts for exchange, and planning a delicious supper. A time when we indulge in delicious food, share laughter with family and friends, and of course, give them gifts during the holiday season.

Celebrations are incomplete without gifts. No matter how old or young, everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Furthermore, books are a great gift option. What are some ideas? The following are ten reasons to give books this holiday season.

You Are Giving Someone A Whole World

A book can open you up to a whole new, fantastic world of incredible, exotic, and unusual adventures. As a result, the imagination of the mind is unscrewed, and people dive deep into the fascinating world of fantasy. Giving a book to someone in this day and age, when the world is faced with so many travel restrictions, is like sending someone on a virtual vacation for free.

You Can Give People New Ideas 

Politics, culture, traditions, and other topics like these are frequently discussed between family and friends. Sometimes a close relative or friend does not agree with our ideas and does not see the flaws in them. You might want to give them books on the same topic in such cases. Good writing will always be more persuasive than any rant.

You Can Personalize Them 

Inscriptions or messages often go well with books, so long as you do them well. You could even express how much it means to you to give that book as a gift. When many people haven’t seen their families and friends for some time due to the pandemic, doing so enhances the gift. From a Why I Love You Book to a Christmas story with your child’s name, personalization can go a long way. 

There Is A Book For Everyone

Whenever you think of gifts, there is always one item you can give to a person who dislikes books, but there is something that will definitely impress them no matter what! There are many different types of books, as well as font sizes and styles available. Therefore, all you need to do is to look for the right book based on your interest and you are sure to find it.

They Can Help People To Better Themselves

People who read are more empathetic, according to science. More empathy is needed in our world without a doubt. As a result of the Coronavirus, thousands of people, doctors, and frontline warriors have been killed. By making sure others read, and by reading ourselves, we can show empathy towards their families and loved ones.

Books Last Forever 

Books might crumble, but the memories and stories they bring along with them last forever, even if not literally. You etch a permanent memory into someone’s mind when you gift them a book.

As you can see there are many reasons to gift a book this Christmas. Do you have any others that you add to the comments? 

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The Top 5 Book Genres of 2021 – What’s on Your Reading List?

Much like with anything, popular book genres can change. While literary classics have a place in the bestsellers lists regardless, some people like to dip in and out of genres on a whim.

While the genre will undoubtedly affect how a writer approaches a story, what makes a genre popular can be less obvious. But what affects popular genres? Typically it can be if a popular author has released a new book and sales surge. Or if pop culture takes an interest in a specific book or series and reignites people’s interest. Or even an adaptation of a book to a movie can prompt those who have seen the said movie to go and read the book.

In 2021, what are the most popular book genres?

Book Genre #1 – Romance

E-books have made it easier to access books you wouldn’t normally pick up at a bookstore or library. Reading digitally has its benefits aside from being able to conceal the book you are reading. Romance is a popular and steadfast choice for both men and women. It has also seen a boom in sub-genres such as billionaire romance books, thanks in part to the runaway success of 50 Shades of Grey. If you prefer WLW romance stories like I do, you will find no shortage of amazing stories on Amazon.

Book Genre #2 – Crime

With the popularity of true crime shows and podcasts, it makes sense that the number one genre in the US right now is crime and thriller. There is something about being terrified or delving into a mystery that is undoubtedly alluring to people.

Book Genre #3 – Fantasy

The fantasy genre has seen massive growth lately, with more people wanting to get lost in the land of make-believe. This allows them to forget about real life for a little bit. Fantasy books can cover anything and everything, from magic and vampires to shifters and worlds far beyond Earth. Subgenres include paranormal romance, high fantasy, epic fantasy, and steampunk.

Book Genre #4 – Young Adult

Contrary to the genre, young adult fiction or YA fiction isn’t just for young adults. However, that is who the genre is primarily written for. If you have been a fan of books such as Twilight, Vampire diaries, or even The Hunger Games, you will know that these books are not only written for young adults, but they are the central characters in the stories. The appeal of this genre far exceeds the age range portrayed, and some books take on a cult following of their own. One of my favorite writers in this genre is Rachel Gold.

Book Genre #5 – Self Help

Self-help books, motivational books, or even religious books are massively popular. The perfect lifestyle is an idea some people forever live in search of anything that pertains to helping them reach this goal will become popular. 

Thanks to social media, it has never been easier for people to cross that bridge from influencer to author and share their method for success, be it home organization like The Home Edit or Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by William H. McRaven.

Uprooting Is Now Available!

Uprooting is available on Amazon!


Book Cover Reveal for Uprooting!

Hey friends,

After putting a poll out on Facebook, Patreon, and Twitter, our community of readers has helped select the book cover for Uprooting, due out in March 2020. I love the cover. It symbolizes everything this story is about. It accurately depicts how Harper learns to root herself in the present moment and turn to the gentleness of nature to get past her limitations and grow to her full potential as an artist, lover, and friend. This story highlights her process to learn to forgive herself and learn that life is full of opportunities to learn and grow.

Here were some of the comments from those who choose this cover design:

“The vastness of the field/flowers makes it seem like she has her whole life ahead of her.” Emily Browning Cromer

“The field of yellow snapdragons brings a sense of peace. The color yellow represents so many things from Sunshine to happiness and loyalty. The fragrance of those flowers planted in mass brings back childhood memories. I think the pollinators would love this field!” Tammy Boughter

“I love the one with the flowers… it gives the illusion of a dream world, to me.” Natalie Wetherbee

“When I think of wellness, retreat, life coach and green witch I think of serenity and nature so definitely this one.” Cheryll Jones

“Flowers represent a world of issues that can try to define us. With all the beauty around oneself, our vision can still be blurred.” Author L L Shelton

So, here we go…






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