The problem with sitting for so long at a desk is the pain that comes with it. It makes it very difficult to keep fit when you’re not able to move around all day. A job like this can make it very difficult to keep your body moving. You can easily slip into a sedentary mode where your body needs to stretch, but you just don’t. 

Sitting for so long and staying in one position makes it a big challenge to stay active and fit. Making an appointment with a chiropractic care specialist can help if your back and spine are in pain. If you put your mind to it however, you can get fit while working a desk job. Let’s take a look at five ways that you can achieve this despite your job situation.

Sneak some breaks through the day

Just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you have to be physically sitting all day. You can take exercise breaks throughout the day. You should get up and move at least every half an hour. Not only will this offer you good fitness benefits, it will help you to raise your heart rate and stretch your legs. 

Find a good exercise hobby after work

Join a yoga class, go mountain biking, commit to a walk every evening. All of these things are going to help you to up your fitness levels despite the fact you have a desk job. There are even cycling options that you can do at your desk. You can put pedals on your desk or you can mount your desk in front of an exercise bike so you can move your legs while you work.

Eat well

One of the worst habits is all day snacking. When you have a desk job, this is very easy to do. Especially if you work from home. If you eat well, you’re going to keep your weight at a manageable level. This will help you with maintaining your fitness levels. Being sedentary makes it very difficult to keep your weight down.

Get a standing desk

We just mentioned exercise bikes in front of a desk, but a standing desk can also really help. A standing desk puts your computer or your monitor at a good eye level which will allow you to work properly without having to worry about moving your body. You could park a treadmill in front of your standing desk. When you are in meetings, walk. You could even jog if you feel like you’d be able to pay attention!

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is a must to add to this list. It will keep your muscles feeling supple and strong.