Are You Ready for Inevitable Change?

Change is something that one either embraces or rejects.

Change is something all of us have to deal with, and the more open we are to it, the better the outcome typically is.

Some people are great at taking whatever life throws in their path and taking it on with the strength of a superhero. Others, would rather fight a bad cold than deal with the discomfort of change.

changeChange happens

Not long ago, someone came to me so upset over a change she had to face with her job. She loved her existing position, and could see herself working in it for the rest of her life. She understood her role, breezed through assignments, and got along perfectly with her coworkers and boss.

Everything Changes

So when my friend’s boss approached her with some bad news that she was leaving the company, my friend wanted to toss her hands up in the air and throw a tantrum right there in the middle of the aisle.

Everything would change.

She’d have to deal with a new boss, likely renegotiate her flexibility, earn someone else’s trust, and have to justify every little thing she did with her day just to prove her value.

Change is uncomfortable

She cringed as she continued dumping her unfortunate news on me. “My new boss is a known backstabber, and no one respects her. She once took credit for a project I worked so hard on, and she did this without any remorse. I hate change.”

“Maybe it won’t be so bad,” I said with a slight pull on the end of each word.

“That’s absurd.” She folded her arms across her chest. “I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

Change is a Chance to Grow

“What if this is happening not so much TO you, but FOR you?” I asked. “In other words, maybe you’re supposed to work with this person because it’ll be a new challenge and offer you a new chance to grow.”

She twisted her gaze sideways and contemplated my thought. “I don’t see the good here.”

I took a step closer. “Maybe your purpose is to help your new boss to become a better leader and person.”

She rolled her eyes at me. She left me that day with a shrug and a shallow attempt at a friendly goodbye.

The Upside of Change

A few days later, she called me. “The new boss treated me to lunch.”

“And?” I asked.

“And,” she rolled out, “She likes ceviche.”

I laughed. “All is right with the world again. See, I told you so.”

“It’s a start,” she said.

I swallowed more laughter, knowing by the following week, they’d be best friends going to The Loft at lunch time to browse racks of their newest styles.

Change is Going to Happen

Whether we embrace or reject change, it’s going to happen. The best thing we can do is bend with it, and make the best of its presented opportunities.

Wishing you the very best,

Suzie Carr, novelist


Has a dreaded change ever turned into a great opportunity for you?

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  1. KathySprinkle
    KathySprinkle says:

    What a great post and exactly what we were exploring over at Bliss Habits this past week. I went ahead and shared your post in my “Speaking of Change” blog party. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Tami
    Tami says:

    Not much has remained constant in my life…ever since I was a child, I’ve had to face the inevitable, ‘sooner or later, things are going to change.’ I’m pretty much flexible to change and for the most part I’ve embraced it and learned to go with the flow. This has been a blessing as well as a nightmare for me. I’ve come to realize that while change is necessary for growth, consistency is also just as important. It provides stability and security and…well…after years of living at the mercy of change, it’s time to establish some roots.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Tami, thanks for sharing this part of yourself with us on here. You have faced a lot of change, and have handled it like a true champion. Your story inspires me to embrace the currents of life, the ebb and flow, and the great life lessons that are in each and every twist and turn. Hugs to you!


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