3 Steps to Unblock

Instead of freaking out when you hit a creative wall, here’s a better way to unblock…

Here’s How to Unblock:

Step 1. To unblock, realize that every challenge has a solution. 

This viewpoint will get you out of the helpless spiral and looking at things with a fresh eye.

Step 2. Stop doing what’s not working.

One of the quickest ways to unblock is to do something different.

Step 3. If you still can’t unblock, laugh.

You read that right. Simple as that. Laugh. You’ll change your frequency immediately.

Recently, I had a run in with that ‘wall’ when I could not think of a single idea for my next novel, the sequel to Tangerine Twist. (I am giving away a free autographed copy. Comment below to be entered in for your chance to win it.)

Here’s how I managed to unblock:

Step 1. I realized just because I couldn’t unblock in that moment, my writing career would not end (BIG smile). I’d find an idea eventually.
Step 2. Instead of forcing thoughts by sitting in front of my blank laptop screen, I turned it off and decided to clean my house instead.
Step 3. I still couldn’t unblock, so I laughed at myself as I passed a mirror and saw my ridiculous frown.

My mood lifted instantly. I found a way to unblock!


I celebrated with a walk in the park. No surprise here, once I ventured out on the trail, ideas flowed. My new novel sprang to life.

Sometimes, all we need is a change of scenery to get things moving again.

Wishing you the very best,
Suzie Carr, novelist

I am giving away an autographed copy of Tangerine Twist to celebrate my creative flow with it’s sequel, Picture Perfect. I’ll select a random winner from all who comment on this piece from now until September 13. So……..

Please share with me. How do you unblock? 

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  1. Sarina
    Sarina says:

    Suzie, the best way for me to “unblock” is to laugh. Just remove myself from the moment and find a silly movie, call a friend and go to a comedy club…whatever and just have fun. Laughter is good for whatever ails you and it helps you to not take life so seriously. After all it’s just a book – right?

  2. Christy Keller
    Christy Keller says:

    I often hit creative walls when writing for school. I do the same thing. I put it down before frustration sets in and know that I will regenerate myself and be more focused later. Often losing focus is because I am putting too much pressure on myself and stepping away and doing something fun or relaxing for myself opens those creative doors again. Great points Suzie Carr.

  3. Darlene Walsh
    Darlene Walsh says:

    When writing isn’t working for me (I guess you would call it a block), I find something else to do, and somewhere on the way ideas just happen, usually when I’m actually busy doing something else. Frequently when I’m reading something else, something useful pops into my head. Also, I run every morning, and all kinds of useful and useless ideas wander aimlessly through my brain, I always carry paper and pen and sometimes I get an idea so good I have to stop running, or doing whatever, and start writing. Once I got so lost writing, sitting on the side of the road, more than an hour passed.

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      I love the idea of setting aside the task to free up the mind. This allows us to trust in ourselves that the answers will come in good time. I am always pulling out my iPhone mid walk with my pups to leave myself a voice memo with a new idea or a fresh perspective on an old one. Thanks for chiming in!


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