3 Steps to Thinking Positive

Thinking positive can be easy even under trying times…don’t believe me? Read on…

For starters, my morning started off slightly rocky. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. to work on a time-sensitive project. I worked on it until 4:30 a.m. Just as I was saving it, the program closed out and all my work disappeared. Yup. Can you imagine the rage? Thinking positive was the last think on my mind!

I had a choice. I could dwell for the rest of the day on the misfortune, punch a wall, frustrate everyone around me with my negativity, or find a way to start thinking positive.

I choose the later.

Thinking Positive: Exercise can help

Exercise was my tool of choice this morning, Insanity’s Max Cardio Circuit to be exact. I worked out like a complete maniac! I never did so many pushups and with such gusto… ha. Bottom line, with every ounce of energy I poured into exerting my muscles, a little piece of negativity here and there started to break off. After an hour, I felt empowered and ready to tackle whatever else the day will decide to toss in my path.

Thinking Positive: Pets are wonderful

thinking positiveI love my dogs. They have gotten me through many a frustrating moment. A pet’s cuteness will take over and make you realize that you’re never alone in your struggles. They are always right there to offer a poochie kiss, a lean, or a good laugh if you’ve got a Boxer like me who never fails to entertain. Pets have a remarkable way of smoothing over the rough edges of any situation.

Thinking Positive: Shift your focus to other things

When tested, the last thing we sometimes want to do is let by gones be by gones. However, this is often a great strategy. The downward spiral of ‘what-if’ thinking can be devastating. Whatever happened, happened. Nothing we do will turn back the clock and erase it. So, do what you can in the ‘now’ by turning your attention to something you can control. Maybe it’s a project you’ve been putting off, a letter you need to write, a new set of shoes you’ve been meaning to buy. Just go do it. Do something to get your mind off of what’s bothering you so you can move forward and return to the problem with a more balanced mindset.

This morning, when all hell broke loose on me with my unsaved project, I caved into the moment with a good hearty scream. It’s good to let it out. But, it’s more important to let it be, learn from it, and move forward.

Wishing you all the best,
Suzie Carr, novelist

p.s. If you will, comment here and tell me if you agree or disagree with these thinking positive tactics and whether you have more suggestions.

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  1. Joni
    Joni says:

    I love the fact you were determined to find something positive from a negative situation, and you’re focused to continue to search for a learning experience from a negative situation. (spiritual growth)

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      It’s so hard to do this in the moment, but afterwards it feels a lot more empowering. And the day doesn’t spiral out of control either:) Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Cindy Lou
    Cindy Lou says:

    Thinking more positive thru 2013 was one of my personal goals. Your Positive Think ideas are great. I agree all of them are good ways to to get rid of the negativa and gain the positiva. I totally agree with pets turning a negativa day into a bright positiva day. They always know how to turn your frown into a great big smile! Thanks for sharing! Have a Wonderful day!! Lotsa Hugs, Love and Peace to ALL!

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Hi Cindy! They certainly do:-) I don’t know wher I’d be sometimes without my little furry ones by my side. They turn most any situation into a great one. Keep smiling Cindy:-)

  3. Brian B
    Brian B says:

    Those are some good tips Susie. I find that I way too often dwell on the negative and often end up bringing people down in the process

    • Suzie Carr
      Suzie Carr says:

      Thanks Brian:) I think most people have found themselves weighed down by negativity. It can be brutal and hard to get out of its path. I think the best any of us can do is to be aware of the power negativity can place on our lives. Awareness is key. Once aware, most people get empowered. That’s when great things happen:-) Wishing that these great things are always present in your life. Thanks for chiming in:)

  4. Alex_LFR
    Alex_LFR says:

    I totally agree with the idea that a good work out sends all the negative energy to somewhere else!! It doesn’t mean that I disagree with the others tips but it never crossed my mind use them.

    Another technique that works for me is repeating a positive phrase (“Everything is gonna be alright” is my favourite) to focus in something else and not in what it’s wrong.

    As usual, thanks for sharing you wise ideas!!


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